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2020 Renewal for 2021 License – Live Class 

Beginning 2020, Power Training will begin rotating course number 8026 and 10874 which will keep you from taking the same class two years in a row. 

$150 per person, includes credit banking

NMLS Approved Course #8026

Course Highlights:

  • Review mistakes made by Facebook with regard to discriminatory actions;
  • Help borrowers understand and navigate loans for immigrants;
  • Navigate the re-emergence of sub-prime/non-traditional mortgage programs;
  • Navigate self employment required documentation for underwriting;
  • Review of schedules A-C and 1-6;
  • Identify the elements of a suspicious activity and how and when to file a SAR;
  • Recall the requirements under TILA for advertising including triggering terms and how to create advertisements that meet compliance;
  • Advise and make consumers aware of IC3, Internet Crime Complaint Center;
  • Recognize RESPA violations and how to use social media in a way that doesn't land you in hot water;
  • Gain specific guidance from VA on how to handle same sex applications;
  • Learn the steps necessary to protect the social security numbers of minors, themselves and borrowers.

NMLS Approved Course #10874

Course Highlights:

  • Identify irregularities for identifications and know the many different types of cards.   The student should be able to refer back to the book in the event, they encounter an document they aren’t accustomed to seeing. 
  • Know and share how to protect the credit of minors and how to advise their clients that have children under the age of 18 to freeze their credit profiles with credit bureaus.
  • Understand the different types of cybercrime that is trending and how to identify it.  Companies have lost billions of dollars in cybercrime through seemingly innocent emails that turn into virus’ also known as Malware.
  • Know how to protect their own devices and help borrowers protect their devices and computers when receiving sensitive documents from a lender to sign and return. 
  • Provide security on their devices that they use to access borrower information.  How to protect their phones from robocalls and text messages that can put virus’ on their devices.
  • Better understand the progression of the good faith estimate disclosures to the loan estimates used today.  Have examples of meeting disclosure timing and meeting tolerances for fees.
  • Understand what Facebook did that put them in HUD’s radar.  Students will see the initial charges and the final charges that Facebook agreed to.  Material will cover HUD’s complaint and what HUD discovered as they investigated.  The handout will be discussed which covers the final allegations and fines imposed on Facebook.
  • Know just how loans in “over 55” communities work and what law authorized its exemption of age under Fair Housing.  Student exercises will give them the knowledge to properly advertise and understand the exemption and how it works.
  • Be able to avoid tolerance violations with regard to funding fee percentages and what was struck from the law to allow loan amount over conforming loan limit.
  • Be informed on possible changes to HUD’s policy with regard to condominium purchases and major changes to the use of down payment assistance programs.
  • The dangers of granular pricing for loans with Mortgage Insurance and the possible chance for cures.
  • Better explain to consumers how mortgage insurance is cancelled and what possible overlays can apply to their transaction.  They will also learn about the use of SMDU to obtain valuations whether applying for “original value” or “current value”.
  • Navigate the 2018 tax forms and be exposed to a full review of Schedules 1 – 6 along where items from the 2017 return moved to.  There will be an additional handout of the  life size version of the return.

8 Hour ONLINE Renewal Courses

Online classes are offered in partnership with 123CEInc., Provider #1400019.  To register, see courses tab.


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