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Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

How many hours do I need to renew my license?


8 hours are required to meet S.A.F.E. Act.  Check with the state you  are licensed in to see if they require additional state hours to renew.

Question 2

I have heard that you can't take the same course two years in a row.  How do I know if I have taken the same course two years in a row?


If you are taking a course from us, you will NEVER take the same class two years in a row from us.  We retire each class at year end.  If you took a class from another provider, then you will not be taking the same course two years in a row if you take a class from us this year. 

Question 3

Once I complete my renewal hours what happens next?


Power Training will bank your hours within 7 days.  You will receive an email from us with the confirmation number that the class was banked under.  Within 48 hours of that, you will receive an email from NMLS confirming that hours have been recognized by them.  You can also check under professional requirements and see that your hours have been banked. 

Question 4

Will I receive a completion certificate and do I need it?


Yes you should have received a certificate of completion when you left class.  

Question 5

Do I have a state and federal license to renew?


No, you only have a "state" license.  NMLS is a "federal" repository for your data, but the license is issued by the state(s) that you have applied with.

Question 6

When can I start the renewal process and pay my licensing fees?


You will not be able to start the renewal process for the coming year until November 1st.

Question 7

What is the deadline to renew my license?


December 31st of each year. 

Question 8

If I do not take my education and pay to renew my license by December 31st what happens?


If you take education in the year prior to renewal, but somehow do not renew by December 31st, or if you do not take your education by December 31st, then  you will have to take "late" CE.  These classes are only available online and we offer one.  The dates education for late CE are required are from January 1 - February 28th. 

Question 9

My fingerprints and background check say expired.  Do I need new ones?


You may.  You must check the NMLS resource center to see if your state is requiring new fingerprints and background checks.  For example, Texas is not requiring new ones.

Question 10

I am licensed but in-active.  I now work for a registered company, do I need to keep my license?  Is it the same as being registered?


The decision to keep your license is yours.  However, realize that if you let your license expire, even if it is in-active, the license is no longer valid.  If you allow our license to remain expired for 5 or more years then you will be subject to another 20 hour class and having to pass the federal exam again. 


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